13 Amazing Tech Companies

13 Amazing Tech Companies
13 Amazing Tech Companies

Tech companies are renowned for their over-the-top perks, super competitive salaries, and fabulous workspaces.

So it comes as no surprise that several tech giants claimed spots on this year’s Employees’ Choice Awards, which features the 100 best places to work in 2018 across the US.

To find the companies with the most satisfied workers, Glassdoor scanned its massive database of company reviews and ratings from current and former employees.

13. Paylocity13. PaylocityGlassdoor

Company rating: 4.4

Paylocity is a payroll and human capital management software, developer.

“Amazing growing company that puts their employee’s and clients first – positive work environment, development opportunities, community service and employee engagement!! Work hard, play hard is a real thing!!” — Paylocity client services employee (Arlington Heights, Illinois)

12. Blizzard Entertainment

12. Blizzard EntertainmentShutterstock

Company rating: 4.4

Blizzard Entertainment is an American video-game developer and publisher.

“The culture is organic and evolves, and the pride of craftsmanship is evident everywhere on campus. Great perks, fantastic benefits, and they work hard to keep their talent!” — Blizzard Entertainment business operations (Irvine, California)

11. Fast Enterprises

Company rating: 4.4

Fast Enterprises is a software development and installation company for government agencies.
“This company really does a lot to promote a great work atmosphere. From team building events to holiday parties, FAST makes it easy to build chemistry with your fellow co-workers.” — Fast Enterprises software developer (Denver, Colorado)


Company rating: 4.4

NVIDIA is a technology company that designs graphics processing units for the gaming market.

“Working at Nvidia is fun! The working environment is great, colleagues are very helpful and extremely smart. Everything happens here at Speed of Light. A lot of amazing benefits that are best in the industry.” — NVIDIA senior network engineer (Santa Clara, California)

9. DocuSign

Company rating: 4.4

DocuSign makes electronic signature technology.

“It sounds trite, but the people make DocuSign an amazing place to work. Everyone I have met during my time at DocuSign has been kind, considerate, and generally happy people, which makes it a pleasure to come into work each day.” — DocuSign software engineer (San Francisco, California)



8. LinkedIn

Company rating: 4.5

LinkedIn is a job-hunting site and social network for business professionals.

“Great perks (free food, free coffee bar rivals Starbucks, free juice bar, free ice cream bar, just free bars… I can go on), great energy in the company to get things done (motivated by a sense of how much of a difference the products made in the lives of people in earning their livelihood or taking it to the next level). Feel proud to work here.” — LinkedIn senior technical program manager(Sunnyvale, California)

7. Salesforce

7. SalesforceThomson Reuters

Company rating: 4.5

Salesforce offers a business software as a cloud service that helps companies manage their sales, marketing, and application programming projects.

“This is one amazing place to work. Execs, across the board, are open and interested in your ideas from any level. The level of transparency is mind-blowing: from Marc sharing his yearly objectives on company-wide TV (where all employees can view and participate), to every single employee’s annual goals posted for all to see — it’s phenomenal to walk into a meeting with someone where you know what’s important to them, and be able to share how your common goals can be accelerated by working together.” — Salesforce senior director (San Francisco, California)


6. SAP

6. SAP
SAP employees

Company rating: 4.5

The SAP is a multinational enterprise application software company.

“The SAP culture is one of teamwork and empathy. I have always felt that my colleagues and mentors are there to help me, answer any and all questions, and support me throughout my career journey. Also, our senior leadership walks the walk and talks the talk, in that you can see SAP’s core values demonstrated in their actions.” — SAP solutions engineer (Washington, DC)

5. Ultimate Software

5. Ultimate SoftwareGlassdoor

Company rating: 4.5

Ultimate Software is a technology company that develops and sells HR software.

“The culture and the values are truly the foundation of this place. The culture of caring for People First comes from our CEO and it is felt and shared by almost everyone. Everyone is welcome, women are empowered, minorities are empowered. Hard work is recognized and pays off.” —Ultimate Software specialty support specialist (Weston, Florida)


4. World Wide Technology

Company rating: 4.5

World Wide Technology is a technology-consulting company.

“I can’t imagine many other companies are encouraging their employees to cross train with other departments, holding future leader classes, or investing in their employees as much as WWT does. The executive team is readily available to anyone who reaches out. They are very level-headed and down-to-earth people who put the company before themselves.” — World Wide Technology business development analyst (Maryland Heights, Missouri)

3. HubSpot

Company rating: 4.6

HubSpot makes sales and marketing software.

“There’s a culture here where, no matter your role, if you have something to say, your voice will be heard. The people working here are consistently whip-smart, super hard working and generally fun to be around. Come for the free candy wall, stay for a great career.” — HubSpot customer success manager (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

2. Google

Company rating: 4.6

Google is the world’s largest internet search site.

“Extremely intelligent and competent co-workers, exciting products, great management, amazing perks (insurance options, food, discounts on almost everything), opportunity to travel.” — Google software engineer (Mountain View, California)

1. Facebook

Company rating: 4.6

Facebook is the world’s largest social network.

“It’s great working here — there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. You are working with very smart people who are energized and believe in the work they are doing. You will be rewarded for doing well, and for the company doing well. You are empowered and encouraged to wield influence and ship products that can literally affect billions of people, no matter what level you are at.” —Facebook Data Scientist (Menlo Park, California)

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