Smartest Neighborhoods in America

Smartest Neighborhoods in America
Smartest Neighborhoods in America

you’ve probably seen stories on the smartest states or cities in America. For instance, Massachusetts has more 4-year degree holders 38.7% than any state in the union, while Mississippi 19.7% has the fewest. For cities, it all depends on your population cut-off point. Do you count that tiny Wyoming town with three nuclear physicists and two doctors?

If you just focus on cities with over 100k people, you’ll find that Michigan’s Ann Arbor 70.3% hold a bachelor’s degree and Flint 11.4% provide a fairly reliable upper and lower bound.

States and cities are interesting enough, but we were curious: what about neighborhoods? We spent weeks compiling Census data from across America to put together a database of over 140k neighborhoods. Next, we filtered out neighborhoods with under 5k residents. Of the remaining 6.3k candidates, we selected the 10 with the highest proportion of college graduates. Without further ado, here are the 10 best-educated neighborhoods in America:


10. Lynnhurst – Minneapolis, MN

Population: 5,956
Graduate Degree: 41.5%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 91.6%
Income Over $150,00: 45.4%

This charming, southeast Minneapolis neighborhood is home to an especially large number of middle-aged individuals 45-64 years old, almost all of whom hold at least a college degree. Complete with tennis courts, baseball fields, and a family playground, the neighborhood also contains slightly larger-than-average families


9. American University Park – Washington, DC

Population: 5,549
Graduate Degree: 58.6%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 91.7%
Income Over $150,00: 63.3%

Sometimes called AU Park, this neighborhood in northwestern Washington DC contains mostly wealthy families in cozy, closely-packed homes


8. Forest Hills – Washington, DC

Population: 8,747
Graduate Degree: 61.6%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 93.5%
Income Over $150,00: 27.7%

Another neighborhood in northwestern DC, Forest Hills is home to many politicians and educators, many of whom hold advanced degrees a stellar 56% hold some sort of graduate degree

7. Michigan State University – East Lansing, MI

Population: 20,767
Graduate Degree: 30.5%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 87.6%
Income Over $150,00: 2.3%

The neighborhood surrounding Michigan State University has an especially well-educated population, particularly when you compare the neighborhood to the city and state at large as a state, Michigan is one of the least educated in the nation


6. Laurelhurst – Seattle, WA

Population: 4,990
Graduate Degree: 37.5%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 87%
Income Over $150,00: 45.8%

Well-educated, wealthy, and beautiful waterfront properties on Union Bay, Laurelhurst is home to both medical professionals the neighborhood contains the Seattle Children’s Hospital and celebrities, Antonio Banderas


5. Uptown – Dallas, TX

Population: 11,668
Graduate Degree: 37.5%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 91.1%
Income Over $150,00: 21.4%

Once a poor neighborhood just outside of Dallas, Uptown has undergone tremendous changes over the last 25 years, becoming a wealthy, well-educated, upscale neighborhood


4. Georgetown – Washington, DC

Population: 15,928
Graduate Degree: 56.7%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 94.4%
Income Over $150,00: 45.8%

Like the previous DC neighborhoods on this list, Georgetown is located in the northwest of the district, home to well-educated, well-to-do political professionals and professors, as well as Georgetown University itself


3. Aggasiz-Harvard University – Cambridge, MA

Population: 5,276
Graduate Degree: 49.4%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 96.6%
Income Over $150,00: 20.2%

As the neighborhood surrounding Harvard University, the Aggasiz-Harvard University neighborhood is one of the sharpest in the nation, filled with professors, scholars, and budding entrepreneurs


2. Newport – Jersey City, NJ

Population: 8,908
Graduate Degree: 54.1%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 96.6%
Income Over $150,00: 49.4%

Disproportionately young 61% of residents are 21 – 34 years old and disproportionately Asian 73%, the Newport neighborhood is filled with college- and graduate school-educated young professionals


1. West Village – Washington, DC

Population: 9,401
Graduate Degree: 53.1%
Bachelor’s Degree Percent: 97.5%
Income Over $150,00: 44.2%

The fourth and final DC neighborhood on this list earns its title as the smartest neighborhood in the nation. An up-and-coming region close to the country’s city center, the neighborhood is filled with college graduates, young professionals, and many older residents with advanced degrees